Olivier Zahm – founder of Purple Prose magazine and editor-in-chief of Purple Fashion

I take great inspiration and mentorship from Zahm and Purple Magazine due to its radically different take on fashion, where Zahm constantly pushes the boundaries, creates an artistic standpoint and aims to present an edgy view of contemporary fashion with a non-commercial approach.

Rod Stanley – editor of Dazed & Confused

I’ve chosen Rod Stanley as another mentor due to his exploration into groundbreaking and trendsetting editorial and support of new generations of fashion, art, literature, photography and music talent within Dazed and Confused magazine.

Damien Blottiere for Dazed & Confused

Stephen Gan – editor-in-chief of V Magazine, co-founder of  Visionaire and Creative Director at Harper’s Bazaar

Having worked directly under Stephen Gan during my internship with V Magazine in New York, I see Gan as a mentor due to his absolute love of EVERYTHING fashion, his desire to create DIFFERENCE (he started Visionaire at age 25), and his COMMITMENT to highlighting the nexus between fashion, film, music and art in V, VMAN and Visionaire.

Juergen Teller – artist and fashion photographer

I’ve chosen Juergen Teller as my final mentor as I am inspired by his raw and overexposed style through which he photographs, his direct and confronting aesthetic and his unorthodox approach to visually portraying the relationship between art and fashion.

♥ Bec



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