The Muse

This week in class we discussed the concept of a muse.

So…what exactly is a muse?

Well, a muse is someone who provides influence and inspiration and in so doing, become the focus and vision for that person’s creative work.

People in the arts have used the concept of the muse for thousands of years, going back to Greek antiquities where muses were mythological beings. The Greek gods Zeus and Mnemosyne had nine daughters called the Muses. It was thought that if the muses loved a man, then the man’s uncertainties immediately disappeared. The man who was loved by the muses was considered to be more sacred than a holy man.

Throughout the coming week, we have been asked to think of a muse for our major projects. When doing so, it is important to recognise that we are talking about the IDEAL and NOT something real, but rather, IMAGINARY.

The muse is someone who’s a key inspiration that I will be constantly referring back to during my project. The muse has its own lifestyle, beliefs, likes, dislikes, style and way of thinking. The muse provides a mutual back and forth between the designer and himself/herself and they work with each other to create the body of work.

It’s important to acknowledge that:

  • the muse is NOT ourselves
  • the muse is NOT your customer, but the muse will also inspire your customer
  • the muse needs a story or a narrative
  • the muse is an ideal figure

There are some interesting designer-muse relationships at the moment. I have listed some examples below:

  • Betty Catroux – muse to YSL
  • Andrej Pejic – YSL
  • Sofia Coppola – Marc Jacobs
  • Tilda Swinton – Viktor & Rolf
  • David Bowie – Tilda Swinton
  • Kate Moss – muse for many designers/artists/individuals. Dior and Banksy below.
  • Patti Smith – Ann Demeulemeester
  • Scarlett Johansson – Stella McCartney, Woody Allen
  • Johnny Depp – Tim Burton


During the coming week, I’ll be exploring the concept of the muse more thoroughly and I’ll be working towards constructing the muse for my media project that will encompass my style and aesthetic.


♥  Bec



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