Culmination of Inspiration

It’s funny how different pieces of inspiration are presented to you…

I’ve documented throughout this blog various mentors and visual inspiration and just last week, I blogged about my chosen muse, the ridiculously gorgeous and grungy rock-chick, Alice Dellal.

So on the weekend when I made a trip to Magnation, it was like I was in visual inspiration heaven…countless publications displayed on the walls, many of which consist of truly spectacular fashion photography and conceptual ideas. It was here that I picked up INDUSTRIE magazine (yup, current mag obsession!). With a fabulous image of Italian Vogue’s editor, Franca Sozzani on the cover and minimal text, I love everything about this publication – from its clear aesthetic and style, size and dimension, use of different paper stocks and inclusion of various fashion photographers. So, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E. Did I mention current mag obsession? Oh yes, I did….Okay, let’s continue then!

When I got home, I read through the  magazine and took particular interest in the written words and the fantastic fashion photography. I come across a shoot entitled ‘No Chateau’, photographed by one of my mentors, Juergen Teller. Even before I realised it was Teller’s work, I fell in love with the images. So, you can imagine how much more in love I fell when I realised that Teller had photographed my muse, Alice Dellal, in this shoot too! Let’s just say the best way to describe the images created….well, maybe you should just have a look for yourself…because really, it’s simply art on a page. Dellal’s grungy aesthetic is emphasised by Teller’s use of lighting and location for the shoot which looks to be amongst an overgrown forest and worn tree trunks.

It’s raw, it’s real and it’s authentic. Three qualities I wish to pursue throughout my major project.

So, take a look for yourself…you’ll see what I mean.

♥ Bec



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