Morphosis – The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.

My research for my publication is continuing to grow and, with each burst of new creative energy, innovative ideas are brought to the fore.

Thinking about make-up as a commonplace, everyday item, I began to dig deeper into uncovering what it is that makeup seeks to achieve. I started thinking about makeup as a masquerade; how individuals adorn themselves as beauty works, to transform, remake and re-present their bodies and faces as new representations of the Self start to form.

I came across this fantastic blog for the New York times, where models were photographed before the makeup had been adored on their faces for the runway shows and then photographed again, once the look had been complete. Showing this transformation on ONE person has further inspired me to look deeper into cosmetics as a way in which to transform the body and how the surface of one’s body has now become a canvas within the realms of our varied notions of beauty.

Take a look for yourself below…masquerades on display?

♥ Bec



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