Customer Profiling

Over the past week in class, we have been given the task of Customer Profiling. The aim of this exercise is to clearly communicate who our customer is for our project, based on evidenced research of the market we are positioning our work in.

I started jotting down some characteristics of the type of customer I think would want to buy my publication. The trick to nutting out who my customer is, is to really be able to get into the mindset of this person, remembering that you need to realistic in doing so. The ideal customer is NOT the muse for my publication but rather, someone who would also be INSPIRED by my muse or aspects of her being.

Here are a few key points that I have come up with, in relation to who I believe would be the main customer for my publication:

  • My customer is intellectual
  • My customer is tertiary educated
  • My customer likes to read – primarily intellectual/theoretical works.
  • My customer interested is in being challenged
  • My customer is interested in visually captivating material
  • My customer is knowledgeable about theoretical works and conceptual understandings
  • My customer is artistic and has a love of the art world
  • My customer is willing to explore and push the boundaries
  • My customer is interested in the body and its transformative capabilities
  • Financially, my customer has a single income of more that $60,000 year

The above points are just initial ideas in relation to placing my ideal customer in a context, but there are a lot more issues surrounding WHO this person is and WHY this specific person would be inclined to buy my publication.

Whilst I collate all my research, I thought I’d post a few links to a couple of different websites/blogs that I think my customer would frequent. The following are more pictorial related than written content related. Take a look below….

I came across this blog – High Heels and Hangovers – whilst in my quest for the type of style and aesthetic I wanted to portray throughout my blog and I think it has some really great imagery, from all over the globe, and with a slight sense of grunge attitude attached to it. This sort of tumblr blog is a site I think the younger demographic of my target market would frequent regarding visual imagery.

A peer showed me this blog – Baldauf – which documents the works of German photographer Joachim Baldauf. His works are more than just fashion photography and culture. The images shown present the human being in a very subjective way and the vulnerability of the body portrayed throughout this blog is something I believe my customer would be intrigued by.

Here are a compilation of some of my favourite images from the above mentioned blogs.


There is a lot more research regarding my ideal customer, but I thought I’d give you all a little taste of what’s to come by showing you the above stages of my customer profiling.

: My publication is not gender specific. The themes relating to the relationships amongst fashion, the body, art and the construction of the Self are applicable to both genders. The theoretical basis of the publication is also widely received by both genders. In saying this, I would assume a 70% female to 30% male ratio readership, based on my research.

Age: My publication is targeted towards those aged been 22-60 with the greatest readership age lying between 22-40.

Education: As the publication is founded upon theoretical viewpoints, the reader is intellectual in their approach to fashion yet excited to explore conceptual understandings regarding the connections between fashion and art. The reader is well educated in the art world, willing to push boundaries in the fashion world and eager to uncover the intangible force inextricably linking the two. As the project is an intellectual publication, it is assumed that those who have completed a tertiary level of education undertake the majority of readership.

Generation: Generation X is commonly associated with creating a self-sufficient culture as they balance their personal wellbeing with wider social concerns of family, community and work whilst Generation Y experienced pressure from parents to succeed and overachieve, resulting in an abundance of money being spent on their education. Both Gen X and Gen Y would be the main consumers of my publication as they understand new media and are willing to branch out to uncover new meanings associated with complex ideas.

Region: Richard Floria, an American urban studies theorist, coined the term “creative class”. His theory asserts that there are creative areas around the world where creative people live. With this theory in mind, it is hoped that my publication will appeal to many creative cities worldwide. Within these cities, “pockets” of creative individuals will look to my publication as an innovative, unorthodox and provocative magazine, both exploratory in its approach to presenting theoretical fashion viewpoints in a contemporary and engaging way, and, in engaging with artistic visions and 20th century sociological ideas.

Stay tuned for more customer profiling!

♥ Bec


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