No, not body art.

There are no tattoos in this post…(I know! GASP! Shock horror!)

This mainly pictorial post looks at the body IN art.


I came across these images as I was sourcing some image inspiration for my upcoming shoots (my first photo shoot is next week!)


And then I came across these images from TheMagazine.Us. They look into the works of photographer Alex Brunet and how ‘rather than focusing on the beauty of the human body alone, Brunet juxtaposes each shot…with a true landscape or view of nature’.

Raw, intriguing, provocative, stimulating.

Take a look…

L-O-V-E this work.

True inspiration.

♥ Bec




Morphosis – The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.

My research for my publication is continuing to grow and, with each burst of new creative energy, innovative ideas are brought to the fore.

Thinking about make-up as a commonplace, everyday item, I began to dig deeper into uncovering what it is that makeup seeks to achieve. I started thinking about makeup as a masquerade; how individuals adorn themselves as beauty works, to transform, remake and re-present their bodies and faces as new representations of the Self start to form.

I came across this fantastic blog for the New York times, where models were photographed before the makeup had been adored on their faces for the runway shows and then photographed again, once the look had been complete. Showing this transformation on ONE person has further inspired me to look deeper into cosmetics as a way in which to transform the body and how the surface of one’s body has now become a canvas within the realms of our varied notions of beauty.

Take a look for yourself below…masquerades on display?

♥ Bec



My investigation into the skin is continuing as my fascination grows in uncovering how it is that the skin has the capacity to become the dress code for the external self.

I’ve collected more images as I’m surrounded by inspiration at every turn.

Through body modification, the body can now be seen ‘as malleable, as an unfinished entity that can be sculpted, moulded, altered and transformed’ (Blackman 2008, p. 26), like never before.

This is what I want my work to be a representation of; to portray how art can manipulate, re-engineer, sculpt, mould and re-invent how the body is seen as a physical entity and how it is interpreted as a psychological being.

Below are some images which relate to where I’m headed in my research.




Christopher Kutner’s ‘Skin Tone Fashion’ shoot

Series: ‘Skin Tone Fashion’
Model: Magareth
Photography: Christopher Kutner

♥ Bec


90s Grunge Inspiration

With my style and aesthetic encompassing everything that is PROVOCATIVE, I decided to look into 90s grunge. The theme works in really well with my desire to create an edgy, unorthodox and unconventional fashion magazine which focuses on the evolution of the self through art highlighting the desire of us as individuals, to constantly remake and recreate ourselves.

I have compiled a few inspiration images below which are reminiscent of this era. I feel that my muse will be in direct correlation to this 90s grunge sort of vibe as I sense a certain connectedness to this artistic flair and grungy attitude.

It’s about redefining what is beautiful in an age where image and identity is so often misleading with regards to the perception of ‘the ideal’.

If there is this ‘ideal’, what does he/she look like? And who decides on what this ‘ideal’ is?

Through examining the body as a CANVAS, new forms of image identity and the manufacture of personality are brought to the fore.

Say hello to some of my inspiration my beloved blog followers….


♥  Bec



Some inspiration to start the week…

I’ve always had a fascination with art and its influence on fashion.

Fashion. Gender. Identity. I’m just really into it. Something about the cross over leaves me wanting more. There’s always so much to explore.

The artists who deal with these issues – FASHION, IDENTITY, BODY, GENDER, SEXUALITY – often allow the viewer to derive their own interpretation and meaning which is what I’m most intrigued by. Representations of art and fashion, which are then formed by the viewer, have the ability to create a multitude of meanings.

My imagery inspiration covers a varied spectrum, so I’ve included some below so that you can see what is currently inspiring me and what will hopefully continue to inspire me throughout the year!

♥ Bec


Image bibliography:


Hi all,

Welcome to my blog!

It’s my final year in my Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles, and this blog will serve as my inspiration outlet and way in which all you (hopefully) devoted followers of mine can be a part of the journey with me…

Oh yes, I said it…JOURNEY. Bet you didn’t think you’d hear ‘that’ word used again after HSC, did you?

Alas, this is what my past 4 years, and now this final year, has and will be for me. A long…but rewarding and sometimes stressful…but always exciting – JOURNEY.

This year, my work will be culminate in a media based major project, where I hope to create a brand new fashion-related magazine or hardcover book.

I aim to explore the relationship between fashion, the female body and art. I will be looking into how the construction (and deconstruction) of self identity is formulated through my areas of interest, and how certain artists have pushed the boundaries, redefined what is beautiful and transformed themselves to express what is possible when fashion, the body and art converge. I will be referencing particular art works and artists who deal directly with this issue, and I will aim to uncover the complex relationship between art and its influence on fashion, dress and the body, and vice versa.

My idea is still in its early stages, so please bear with me.

I’m eager and apprehensive at the same time, but one thing I can promise, is that this year is going to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting years of my life.

So, I look forward to you all sharing in it with me!

Without further ado, let the journey begin….(I know, I know….I just couldn’t resist!)

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