No, not body art.

There are no tattoos in this post…(I know! GASP! Shock horror!)

This mainly pictorial post looks at the body IN art.


I came across these images as I was sourcing some image inspiration for my upcoming shoots (my first photo shoot is next week!)


And then I came across these images from TheMagazine.Us. They look into the works of photographer Alex Brunet and how ‘rather than focusing on the beauty of the human body alone, Brunet juxtaposes each shot…with a true landscape or view of nature’.

Raw, intriguing, provocative, stimulating.

Take a look…

L-O-V-E this work.

True inspiration.

♥ Bec


Branding and Aesthetic

When I was researching for Assessment Task 2: Professional Practice, it became evident that every designer, brand and company has its own style and aesthetic which is then shown to the customer in various ways. When I was profiling the 6 emerging designers, it was interesting to note their differing style aesthetics which were prominent throughout each of their individual collections. Though their inspirations changed for each season, their brand aesthetic and narrative remained the same as the foundation upon which the ethos of the brand is built.


Christopher Esber Spring Summer 2010


Lui Hon Estherian Collection


Limedrop AW12 Collection The Adventure


Friend of Mine – The Charmers Collection


Above. Label AW 2012 – A Study in Collaging Structures


Magdalena Velevska Spring Summer 2012/13 Collection

In class this week, we looked at the importance of a strong CV, portfolio and overall brand aesthetic. For Assessment 3, we will be asked to present a mini-folio presenting a compilation of works which best highlight our abilities in our fields of expertise. For me, I want my portfolio to really highlight my strong point of differentiation which are my fashion journalism and writing skills intertwined with my innovative styling work, my digital capabilities in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as my fashion design, illustration and drawing techniques which will showcase my skills in a variety of areas.

Here’s a little flashback of my Dress, Body Couture dress which was photographed in a shoot. I might just include some of this…

Photography: by Jennifer Chua
Model: Adele Thiel
Designer: Rebecca Glaser

Whatever I choose to include will be presented in line with my individual design and brand aesthetic so as to create cohesion and a definitive idea of what I have to offer.

♥ Bec



The last week and a bit has been quite hectic! With MBFWA (see our wrap-ups and coverage with On The Streets of Sydney here), dissertation hand in and Assessment 2 hand in for Professional Practice, it has all been a little crazy!

But, that didn’t mean that my research and inspiration stopped – in fact, it was quite the opposite. In the 2-week break, all my ideas were culminating, progressing forwards and really starting to take shape and form. This was partly due to my focus on my theoretical ideas and research which was heavily informing my course of action for my major work, but the break also gave me time to fully actualise my ideas and work in refining them in a way that was innovative, exceptionally creative and NEW.

Right now, I am working on finalising my shoots, getting together my written components, liaising with talent and basically just working on creating the best body of work that is true to my style and aesthetic…I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say, it’s gonna be great!

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, inspiration comes to you in a variety of ways…I was researching for a particular shoot of mine and came across the poem below, which I think is really beautiful and powerful in its language. When reading it, I was further influenced to explore this avenue of writing and how I could use different written forms to create my publication.

So, for some late-afternoon Sunday inspiration…if not for you, then definitely for me!

For My Skin, Needs Your Skin
A poem by Gratiana Lovelace

What is this power of skin that delights us so,
Long after our delights have ebbed?
We lay abed with each other for some time after
Languorously, lovingly, lustfully.
Needing still, to feel each other near.

I stroke your chest beneath your just right few hairs.
Your skin is smooth like mine, yet different.
Warm to my touch, supple and sinewy,
Your skin is mine to feel whenever I want,
Especially after my wants are fulfilled.

Lying together as we are,
With not even a whisper able to pass between us,
The lengths of our bodies not parted,
Our skin on skin contact begets
Our skin on skin feeling and feelings.

My place is cuddling in the crook of your left arm.
I minimize myself such that lying on my side,
I do not seem to lie taller than your broad chest.
It is an illusion of cushioned mattress padding,
That I sink into, which levels our bodies.

But no matter, it is our skin on skin contact that is vital.
Our heads and our shoulders, our chests and our arms,
Our hips and our thighs, my knee slightly bent over yours.
My lower leg and foot leaning on yours, seeking yours,
An unbroken pathway of touch.

Our lips kiss sweetly as we cuddle.
Our tongues seek each other a little,
But not as urgently as we kissed,
When our loving was before us.
Now spent, our kisses are slow and tender.

We must arise soon from our bed,
To tend to our daily needs of meals and such.
But let us not part ourselves and our bodies,
Oh please, not yet.  For my skin, needs your skin,
Our contact a loving connection through touch

♥ Bec



The last few days have given me perspective…in a way like I’ve been self-exposed, hence, the title of this post.

I’ve been able to view my work in its entirety and just sit down, look at the whole picture and work out what it is I want to create and why.

And, I have.

And so, my inspiration is constantly evolving. Photographs of landscapes give me inspiration for colour palettes whilst artworks provide me insight into how a conceptual viewpoint can be presented.

I’ve collated some of my latest finds in the form of photographs, typography, layout and style so you can see what’s inspiring me to want to create my best work possible.

Perspective and time have been just what I’ve needed.

Inspiration seems to be flowing and I’m excited to see where it takes me.










♥ Bec



My investigation into the skin is continuing as my fascination grows in uncovering how it is that the skin has the capacity to become the dress code for the external self.

I’ve collected more images as I’m surrounded by inspiration at every turn.

Through body modification, the body can now be seen ‘as malleable, as an unfinished entity that can be sculpted, moulded, altered and transformed’ (Blackman 2008, p. 26), like never before.

This is what I want my work to be a representation of; to portray how art can manipulate, re-engineer, sculpt, mould and re-invent how the body is seen as a physical entity and how it is interpreted as a psychological being.

Below are some images which relate to where I’m headed in my research.




Christopher Kutner’s ‘Skin Tone Fashion’ shoot

Series: ‘Skin Tone Fashion’
Model: Magareth
Photography: Christopher Kutner

♥ Bec


Culmination of Inspiration

It’s funny how different pieces of inspiration are presented to you…

I’ve documented throughout this blog various mentors and visual inspiration and just last week, I blogged about my chosen muse, the ridiculously gorgeous and grungy rock-chick, Alice Dellal.

So on the weekend when I made a trip to Magnation, it was like I was in visual inspiration heaven…countless publications displayed on the walls, many of which consist of truly spectacular fashion photography and conceptual ideas. It was here that I picked up INDUSTRIE magazine (yup, current mag obsession!). With a fabulous image of Italian Vogue’s editor, Franca Sozzani on the cover and minimal text, I love everything about this publication – from its clear aesthetic and style, size and dimension, use of different paper stocks and inclusion of various fashion photographers. So, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E. Did I mention current mag obsession? Oh yes, I did….Okay, let’s continue then!

When I got home, I read through the  magazine and took particular interest in the written words and the fantastic fashion photography. I come across a shoot entitled ‘No Chateau’, photographed by one of my mentors, Juergen Teller. Even before I realised it was Teller’s work, I fell in love with the images. So, you can imagine how much more in love I fell when I realised that Teller had photographed my muse, Alice Dellal, in this shoot too! Let’s just say the best way to describe the images created….well, maybe you should just have a look for yourself…because really, it’s simply art on a page. Dellal’s grungy aesthetic is emphasised by Teller’s use of lighting and location for the shoot which looks to be amongst an overgrown forest and worn tree trunks.

It’s raw, it’s real and it’s authentic. Three qualities I wish to pursue throughout my major project.

So, take a look for yourself…you’ll see what I mean.

♥ Bec


90s Grunge Inspiration

With my style and aesthetic encompassing everything that is PROVOCATIVE, I decided to look into 90s grunge. The theme works in really well with my desire to create an edgy, unorthodox and unconventional fashion magazine which focuses on the evolution of the self through art highlighting the desire of us as individuals, to constantly remake and recreate ourselves.

I have compiled a few inspiration images below which are reminiscent of this era. I feel that my muse will be in direct correlation to this 90s grunge sort of vibe as I sense a certain connectedness to this artistic flair and grungy attitude.

It’s about redefining what is beautiful in an age where image and identity is so often misleading with regards to the perception of ‘the ideal’.

If there is this ‘ideal’, what does he/she look like? And who decides on what this ‘ideal’ is?

Through examining the body as a CANVAS, new forms of image identity and the manufacture of personality are brought to the fore.

Say hello to some of my inspiration my beloved blog followers….


♥  Bec



The Muse

This week in class we discussed the concept of a muse.

So…what exactly is a muse?

Well, a muse is someone who provides influence and inspiration and in so doing, become the focus and vision for that person’s creative work.

People in the arts have used the concept of the muse for thousands of years, going back to Greek antiquities where muses were mythological beings. The Greek gods Zeus and Mnemosyne had nine daughters called the Muses. It was thought that if the muses loved a man, then the man’s uncertainties immediately disappeared. The man who was loved by the muses was considered to be more sacred than a holy man.

Throughout the coming week, we have been asked to think of a muse for our major projects. When doing so, it is important to recognise that we are talking about the IDEAL and NOT something real, but rather, IMAGINARY.

The muse is someone who’s a key inspiration that I will be constantly referring back to during my project. The muse has its own lifestyle, beliefs, likes, dislikes, style and way of thinking. The muse provides a mutual back and forth between the designer and himself/herself and they work with each other to create the body of work.

It’s important to acknowledge that:

  • the muse is NOT ourselves
  • the muse is NOT your customer, but the muse will also inspire your customer
  • the muse needs a story or a narrative
  • the muse is an ideal figure

There are some interesting designer-muse relationships at the moment. I have listed some examples below:

  • Betty Catroux – muse to YSL
  • Andrej Pejic – YSL
  • Sofia Coppola – Marc Jacobs
  • Tilda Swinton – Viktor & Rolf
  • David Bowie – Tilda Swinton
  • Kate Moss – muse for many designers/artists/individuals. Dior and Banksy below.
  • Patti Smith – Ann Demeulemeester
  • Scarlett Johansson – Stella McCartney, Woody Allen
  • Johnny Depp – Tim Burton


During the coming week, I’ll be exploring the concept of the muse more thoroughly and I’ll be working towards constructing the muse for my media project that will encompass my style and aesthetic.


♥  Bec