The Skin I Live In

Over the last few weeks, I’ve become more interested in looking at our skin as a dress code for the external self.

Researching how it is that we create ‘skins’ to clothe the body and our psychological and physical selves, is inspiring me to want to create a publication which visually explores this idea, as “the desire to be self-made…[is an] everyday expectation of the modern individual’ (Finkelstein 2007, p. 132)

Examining how the skin has become a fashionable dress code for the external self, I take heed of the theoretical work of Siebers, who contends that,

“if aesthetics and the human body are inseparable, it is because art is the process by which the body attempts to modify itself – and this process is a crucial factor in human history. For bodies that possess the desire to transform themselves go by a special name. They are called human beings’ (Siebers 2000, p. 3)

With these ideas in mind, I’ve collected a few images, which are guiding me towards this investigation…












♥ Bec